Design Career Ladders

Our skill guide for design career ladders explains what a career ladder is, what the different levels in design are, how to make a career ladder for a design team, and 5 examples of design career ladders from Intercom, Zendesk, GitLab, and BuzzFeed.
  • What is the career progression for a product designer?

    Designing one’s own career and a path for designers within an organization is arguably more challenging than designing a product. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. Experienced design leaders in this syllabus share their experiences, learnings, and mistakes. Lex Roman shares a comprehensive skill grid for product designers to use as a tool to evaluate their skillset and find opportunities for growth. Siva Sabaretnam discusses providing career paths to designers that match their strengths and capabilities and how to elevate the role of the senior IC.

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  • How to Make a Design Career Ladder

    The Design Career Index shows that 71% of design organizations don’t have a career progression framework. Lack of clarity in career development has been shown to be a key reason designers leave their jobs. To address this challenge, Helena Sao explains her process, decisions, and learnings throughout the process of building a career framework at DoorDash. Todd Zaki Warfel provides an alternative perspective from his experience at Invision on how to create career ladders and assess competencies.

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  • Design Career Ladders From Leading Companies

    This collection of examples from established tech companies provides benchmarks and learnings into the process of creating design career ladders.

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